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Shock Linkage Bearing Kit

$177 .48 (Prices include GST) Low Stock

This Genuine Yamaha Shock Linkage Bearing Kit contains all the necessary bearings, collars and seals needed to service your shock linkage, and at a very affordable price.

Kit contents are:

4 X 93315-32166 (Bearing)
4 X 93109-25001 (Oil Seal)
2 X 90387-160026 (Collar)
4 X 90209-16011 (Washer)
4 X 90201-21014 (Washer, Plate)
2 X 93315-32166 (Bearing)
2 X 93109-21001 (Oil Seal)
1 X 90387-14016 (Collar)

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