Yamalube Advantage

The best oils and care products for your Yamaha.

An engine is useless without engine oil. Ever since Yamaha Motor was founded, we have continued our research Into the relationship between engine mechanisms and oil, and we have gained a wealth of knowledge and experience in the process.

Based on this foundation, we developed Genuine Yamaha oil for all of our products, from sport bikes and outboard motors to snowmobiles and ATVs. As engines and their mechanisms continue to evolve, so does the Yamalube oil we develop specifically for them.

In the Mid-1960's, Mr. Leo Lake, National Service Manager for then Yamaha International Corporation realised the sports motorcycle market needed a high-quality oil that enhanced reliability, durability and dependability because "off-the-shelf" automotive oils simply didn't live up to Yamaha's standards. In 1967, Yamalube was introduced to US customers for the first time!

To this day Yamalube is the only engine oil engineered by Yamaha for Yamaha’s to provide the finest quality performance lubricants possible. Our number one goal in creating Yamalube is that you, the customer, get the best performance out of your Yamaha.

All Yamalube oils undergo extensive testing in the laboratory and in the field to make sure you get the very best protection for your engine, while letting it perform at its peak. Yamalube is manufactured to the highest possible standards and has been developed to suit any Yamaha land or marine product. 

  • A Liquid Engine Component

    How do you know an engine oil branded as "high performance" is really right for your machine? Yamaha considers Yamalube to be a Genuine Yamaha "liquid engine component" and as such, develops It as "part of the engine." Yamalube is developed by engineers that know every detail of the engine's working mechanisms, the metals and alloys used in its construction and under which conditions it will be used. 

    The roots of Yamaha"s technological tradition of researching the relationship between oil and an engine's mechanisms can be traced to the Autolube oil injection pump developed in 1963. At a time when engine oil had to be pre-mixed with the fuel, Autolube's separate oil tank and automatic injection system was the first of its kind in the world, and was first adopted on Yamaha's Grand Prix machines. By automatically injecting the ideal amount of oil according to the engine's running conditions, the Autolube system not only minimised oil consumption and helped prevent performance losses due to oil deposits, but also improved engine performance and durability. 

    For Yamaha, oil is a liquid engine component and this approach applies not just to our motorcycles but all our products. You can always be sure that Yamalube is precision-blended to be ideal for your Yamaha.

    Yamalube - Made to Perfection for a Yamaha.

  • Engine Detergency Test Results

    Japanese Automobile Standards Organisations (IASOJ M333-91 test results of an engine after 300 hours oil running.

    Left image: Yamalube semi-synthetic oil
    Right image: Poor quality full-synthetic oil - note the sludge deposits on the rocker arm cover.

    Yamalube brings out optimum performance from your Yamaha engine. The combination of a high-quality base oil and our exclusively developed blends of additives ensures good shear stability, oxidation and thermal stability, retention of oil film thickness and reduced friction.