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White Plastic Kits

$295 .34 (Prices include GST)
Yamaha has made it easy to put a fresh set of fenders, shrouds, and side covers on your YZF. Fenders and shrouds are blue, and the side covers are white, just like the originals, and because they're genuine Yamaha, they fit right the first time. Colour: White / Black (YB) *Kit does not include graphics Genuine Plastic Kits include: 1 X 17D-21511-60 FENDER, FRONT 1 X 33D-21610-50 REAR FENDER COMP. 1 X 33D-21710-01 SIDE COVER ASSY 1 1 X 33D-21720-01 SIDE COVER ASSY 2 1 X 33D-21730-51 SIDE COVER ASSY 3 1 X 33D-21740-51 SIDE COVER ASSY 4

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